Helping Our Young People Find Opportunity

Strengthening Proviso Youth, NFP presents Career Connect, a program designed to connect youth & young adults ages 16-24 with internship/career opportunities that align with their expressed goals & aspirations. Our 3 step Career Connect process is simple and results focused. We support our young people in their pursuit of employment opportunities. 

Schedule a Career Connect interview at or texting the word “Connect” and your first name to (708) 497-9961. A Career Connect specialist will contact you. 

The Career Connect Process

Initial Interview - We learn about where the program candidate is on their life journey as it relates to education, career prospects/ambitions and life goals. Receiving candidates resume/cover letter if applicable. The initial interview provides us a clear understanding of how the Career Connect Program can benefit the candidate.

Skill Assessment/Training- Completing career readiness process and resourcing the candidate with employable skills where needed. 

Placement - Candidate is connected with to an employment/Internship opportunity.